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Gifts Under £500

Our friendship bracelets are bursting with meaning. Our elegant pendants and stud earrings are brimming with diamonds and gold, allowing gifts to be all the more personal.

To have your gift engraved, simply Contact Us and our Personal Shoppers will take care of the rest.

Struggling to find the perfect gift? Let us help you out; simply select the recipient and budget on our Gifting Cheat Sheet.

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  1. Model Honeycomb Diamond Bracelet
    Honeycomb Diamond Bracelet
    As low as $512
  2. Model Varro Honeycomb Diamond Ring
    Varro Honeycomb Diamond Ring
    As low as $642
  3. Model Sapphire Mini Interstellar Bracelet
    Sapphire Mini Interstellar Bracelet
    As low as $383

3 results

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